Hi! I'm a front-end software engineer from Indianapolis, USA and this is my digital space for sharing thoughts and creative experiments.

Currently I'm working with the good folks at Jobvite, helping bring new product ideas to life. I previously co-founded and led development for the digital studio Oldspeake.

I'm also writing about growth and self-mastery at Striking Contrast.

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What I've been up to lately

  • 📓

    Feb 2022 Life in plain text

    My current working system for managing and tracking life as it unfolds.

  • Jun 2021 Striking Contrast

    A weblog about self-mastery. Following through with my intention to publish essays.

  • 📚

    Feb 2021 Essentialism

    A minimal summary of the book Essentialism, by Greg McKeown.

  • ✏️

    Jan 2021 Starting with Intention

    Documenting my intention to start publishing essays.

  • 🎹

    Jun 2020 YT Sampler

    Using a midi keyboard and web APIs to build an audio sampler

  • ☁️

    Apr 2020 Clouds

    An attempt at procedurally generated clouds, powered by p5.js and inspired by Animal Crossing.