Jan 1, 2021

Starting with Intention

Documenting my intention to start publishing essays.

I’ve recently made it a goal to clarify my thinking and share my thoughts with more than just my closest friends. My plan is to publish these ideas as essays right here on this website.

As I’ve set out on this goal, I’ve come to realize how difficult writing really is. The attempt to communicate by way of written word has shone a bright spotlight on my thinking processes and overall understanding. The effect is striking: My ideas aren’t as cohesive as I thought they were, and my understanding is more shallow than I would have liked to believe.

So after a few false starts, I’ve decided a good starting place is to simply announce my intention. Setting and articulating a clear intention has proven invaluable in other areas of my life.

It’s convenient to get excited by the idea of starting something new, only to become discouraged then distracted and carried away later. Now I have a clear aim that I can realign with and double down on. And publishing it also acts as a helpful commitment device.

My intention is to write for thirty minutes every day and to publish at least two essays in the month of February.

I’ll start more simply by sharing summaries of the books I’m currently reading: Essentialism by Greg McKeown and Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. When possible, I’ll add additional context based on my own experiences, and incorporate related ideas from other sources I’m inspired by, like Farnam Street, Ness Labs, Ben Kuhn, Commonplace or Rands in Repose.

Here are a few of the topics I’m interested in exploring:

  • Practices I’ve learned that have led me to higher levels of self-mastery
  • Leadership development
  • Dealing with fear and uncertainty
  • Decision making and cognitive biases
  • Creativity and play
  • Knowledge management
  • Physical fitness and mental fitness, and the intersection of the two
  • Creative coding
  • Technology and tools
  • Software design and development

So not only have I stated my aims clearly and shared them publically, I’ve already begun to follow through by writing this little essay on intention. See you in February!